Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Reason for the pictures!!!

I really do want to keep blogging.  It is extremely hard to find the time right now.  Honestly the reason why I am blogging now is because I am sick with strep throat and home from church.  Maybe I should make a resolution for 2014 to blog more??  ;)
Here are some fun pictures of my sweet family celebrating our Saviors birth...
Putting up our Christmas tree

Harrison our elf came back!!
And he did not disappoint!!!  ;)
We blessed a 2.5 year old angel...the same age as our Hadley
Looked super cute in our winter hats!!
Went and saw the Fort Worth Parade of Lights and had our annual picture by the tree with Auntie and Papa!!
ICEMAGEDDON hit Fort Worth hard and we were stuck inside for 4 days straight!!!
 Delaney learned how to sit up with the help of her boppy 
This one enjoyed lots of popcorn and movies...I think we watched every Disney movie we own!!
We braved the freezing cold temps for about 2.5 sec!!
TOO cold for us Texans!!
Harrison surprised Briley the morning it iced.  She though it was snow and was so disappointed when she jumped in and landed on HARD ice!!
We did some organizing and had mani and pedi time!!
This was the amount of ice on our driveway!!
We finally got out when Daddy came home from the fire station and what did we go see??  FROZEN of course!!  ;)
Once the ice melted we made our way to see the jolly guy!!
 Briley wrapped and wrote tags on presents for the first time all by herself!!

Went and saw Daddy play the bagpipes in his city's parade!!
 All the kiddos rode in the trailer with the bag pipers and Delaney and I rode in the warm truck :)
After the parade inside the station the little girls couldn't get enough of sweet Delaney :)

Isn't she the prettiest??
We also celebrated Christmas with our House2House group at church and Delaney sat in a high chair for the first time while the kids decorated cookies :)
We have been busy!!  But it's been a blast and in the next 4 days we have Christmas Eve play rehearsals, Christmas Eve play, candlelight service, looking at Christmas lights, and of course Christmas Day!!
I'll end with our Christmas card...Merry Christmas!!!
The Bufe's