Thursday, November 12, 2009

Briley's Baby Dedication

I wanted to share a video from the day of Briley's baby dedication for those family and friends that were not able to attend. What Pastor Jeff said about Briley's name, Daniel and I will never forget. We are so blessed to have Briley in our lives and we owe it all to HIM.

God is SO good!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Briley's 1st Halloween!!

Briley had a great 1st Halloween!! A week or so before we decided to carve pumpkins with Briley and try to get her picture inside of a pumpkin...needless to say she was not having it AT ALL!! Oh well, they will make great pictures in her wedding slideshow when she gets married :)

"Whatcha doin' Daddy?

I can't tell you how much I LOVE this picture :)

"Get me out of here!"

Daddy trying to soothe Briley for a minute in hopes of getting a smile.

One more try...Mommy said no more after this!

One of our wonderful sitters, Kyle, took pictures of her son Max and Briley the day before Halloween. We had to have pictures of the firefighter and dalmatian together!!

On Friday we planned to go "trick-or-treating" to all the grandparents. Our first stop was Papa and Nonnie's but before we could make it there Gigi (my mom) called to say she had burned herself with HOT boiling water and was at the ER. So we changed our plans up a bit and I headed to the hospital while Daniel went to my Mom's house to feed Briley (didn't want June-bug around all the sickies in the ER). When I arrived at the hospital my Mom was not moaning in pain like most of us would be doing...she was talking the nurses ear off about who else...Briley Ann!! Did I mention she was making dinner for us when she spilled the boiling water on herself?? I felt pretty bad about what happened but my Mom was a trooper and we made it home with her leg all bandaged up and even took some pictures of Briley next to the pumpkin Gigi gave her.

"My pumpkin is bigger than me!"

Briley is wearing a onesie that was her Uncle John's...he wore it on his 1st Halloween too!!

Poor Gigi!! She is doing a lot better though!

On Saturday, for Halloween, Briley and I took her first trip to the fire station to visit Daddy, eat dinner with the fire crew, and take pictures by the firetrucks.

Station 3 puppy :)

Our 1st Halloween as a family of 3.

"Mommy you're such a hoot!"
"Nonnie and Papa came to see me at the fire station too."
On Sunday, we made it to Papa, Nonnie, and Auntie Mariah's for Briley's last trick-or-treating stop. She was all pictured out at this point! Can you blame her??

"Mom and Dad...I never want to see this costume again." :)

My Halloween basket and Elmo and Ernie pumpkin from Papa, Nonnie, and Auntie Mariah...I might be a tad bit spoiled :)

Briley LOVES her Auntie!!

"Papa-can I please touch my pumpkin??"

Briley enjoying her Elmo pumpkin...nice carving Papa and Auntie Mariah!!

Overall, Briley had a wonderful and busy 1st Halloween. We are so excited about the holiday's coming up...many more pictures to come :)


Daniel, Melissa, and Briley

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where has the time gone??

I cannot believe I have not updated since July!! The last update our little girl was 1 month old and now she is almost 5 months!! When school started life became pretty hectic but it feels like we are finally settling into a routine. Time has gone by so quickly and Briley is changing so much everyday. My goal from now on is to try and update at least 1x a week...hopefully I can stick to it!

Here is a little update on our little June-bug and all of the amazing things she is doing right now...

1. Rolling over from her back to her tummy.
2. Smiling when she sees Mommy and Daddy come into the room.
3. Laughing out loud (especially at the dogs).
4. Teething...anything you put in her hands goes directly in her mouth!!
5. Putting her pacifier back in her mouth. :)
6. Holding her bottle (she can hold it by herself for at least a couple minutes).
7. Jump like crazy in her Jumperoo.
8. Scooting off blankets when she gets on her tummy.
9. Screams very loudly to get our attention. :)
10. Eating cereal/carrots (sort of....we are working on it!) .
11. Growing like a weed!! At her 4 month check up she weighed 15 lbs 10 oz and was 25.5 inches long.

Here are a few pictures of what has been going on the past 4 months!!

The day of Briley's Baby Dedication at church

4 Month pictures with Daddy and Papa

Family picture at Mega's 75th birthday party

Such a little ham!

Gigi feeding cereal to Briley...most of it ended up on the bib :)

Cutie indeed!

Our next post will have pictures from Briley's 1st Halloween!!
Daniel, Melissa, and Briley