Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Room Renovation!!

The renovation has begun!! Daniel has accomplished A LOT the past week and I am so proud of the wonderful job he has done!

Here are a couple of before pictures of the room:

Lots of cleaning to do!

Wainscoting ready to go up.

She of course, already has clothes in her closet! :)

Daddy putting the first roll of pink paint on the wall!

Mommy putting some on the wall so she can at least say she did some of it :)

Daddy nailing the wainscoting

All nailed up!

Daddy did a GREAT job!

The next part of the renovation is putting up the chair rail around the top of the wainscoting and then painting it all white. I am so impressed by how much Daniel has done in such a short amount of time! After the wainscoting and painting are done, we are going to work on finding a crib we like, and Daniel will start to make all the furniture (dresser and armoire). It is a big task to take on but I know he will make beautiful furniture for our precious little girl. I can't wait to tell her how much time her Daddy spent on making her room look perfect :)

Here is an updated belly picture...sorry we have missed a few weeks!

23 weeks and 4 days

We have a doctor's visit scheduled for March 4th (Aunt Mariah's birthday!!) so we will have an updated sonogram picture soon.

Overall, life is wonderful and BUSY right now. I have two field trips coming up at school, one being the ZOO, so please say a prayer my poor ankles won't be too swollen :) and you can see what has been taking most of Daniel's time!

Have a blessed week,

Daniel, Melissa, and Baby Girl

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Profile Picture!!

Today we had my regular monthly appointment, and lucky for us we were able to see the sonogram tech again because last week our little girl wouldn't give us a nice profile shot.

Well this week she definitely cooperated!!

So precious!! (21 weeks)

Dr. Neal said once again everything looks fantastic and that her profile was beautiful :) Her Daddy and I have to agree! I go back around the first of March and I will have my glucose/finger prick test done. Apparently I have to drink a gross looking liquid 30 minutes before I show up, not really looking forward to that but that's ok...she is worth it!

I also have to share this hilarious picture one of my girls drew for me at school. The assignment was to write about something that inspires you and she was so sweet to say that, "Mrs. Bufe inspires me because she is so nice." You also had to illustrate a picture of what it was that inspired you, and here is her drawing...

I'm pretty sure my kids are WELL AWARE of the fact that I'm pregnant, now that their drawings look like this!! :) It made my day and gave Daniel a good laugh. Gotta love 6 year-olds!

Have a blessed weekend!


The Bufe's

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tutu's, Hairbows, and Babydolls!!!

I'm sure most of you know by now that Daniel and I found out our precious little one is going to be a baby GIRL!!! We are so excited and thank God for this wonderfully made little girl he is giving us.

First, here are some pictures of the 20 week ultrasound we had last Thursday...it is very obvious that she is a girl!!Girl!!!

Red Raider symbol for her Uncle Andrew!!

Looking right at us!

After we found out we had parents, siblings, and grandparents over for the Baby Bufe Balloon Party to reveal the gender. Daniel and I had talked a long time about how we wanted to tell everybody and we thought this would be a lot of fun for our family. They had a blast and in the end Daniel's Dad popped the BLUE balloon with the tiny note inside that said "It's a Girl"!! It was so much fun to see everyones reaction and luckily we have it all on tape!! Once I figure out how to upload videos to this from our video camera I will post it asap!!

Here are a few pics from our Balloon Party!!

20 weeks...It's a Girl!!

The next day I had my kids at school take a vote on whether or not I was having a boy or girl. I knew my boys would all vote for boy, but I was so surprised how many of my girls voted for boy as well. I had one little girl that is very confident and she walked right up to the board, stamped her vote, turned around, and said "I KNOW IT'S A GIRL!!" I then had everybody close their eyes and I quickly circled girl and told them to open their eyes. All the boys of course said "ah man, I wanted it to be a BOY!" and the girls were giggling like crazy! I heard one of my little boys say, "Girls are gross!" I then asked him, "But Cooper, I'm a girl am I gross?" His response was, "No your my teacher, your awesome!" It was so cute! I of course had to take a picture of the voting results!

Daniel and I ended our week by you can guess it...REGISTERING!!! We went to Babies R Us on Friday night and boy was that tiring. We had a lot of fun, but by the end Daniel became a little to "gun happy" and started clicking A LOT of random items to be funny. Needless to say, I came home and did some deleting on our registry. We also found our girl bedding online!!

Here is a picture of it:

So that is our next task for the next 4 months...the nursery!
Daniel is going to be pretty busy :)

Overall it was such an amazing week and we will let you know when we can decide on a name for our baby girl!!


Melissa, Daniel, and Baby GIRL Bufe