Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Room Renovation!!

The renovation has begun!! Daniel has accomplished A LOT the past week and I am so proud of the wonderful job he has done!

Here are a couple of before pictures of the room:

Lots of cleaning to do!

Wainscoting ready to go up.

She of course, already has clothes in her closet! :)

Daddy putting the first roll of pink paint on the wall!

Mommy putting some on the wall so she can at least say she did some of it :)

Daddy nailing the wainscoting

All nailed up!

Daddy did a GREAT job!

The next part of the renovation is putting up the chair rail around the top of the wainscoting and then painting it all white. I am so impressed by how much Daniel has done in such a short amount of time! After the wainscoting and painting are done, we are going to work on finding a crib we like, and Daniel will start to make all the furniture (dresser and armoire). It is a big task to take on but I know he will make beautiful furniture for our precious little girl. I can't wait to tell her how much time her Daddy spent on making her room look perfect :)

Here is an updated belly picture...sorry we have missed a few weeks!

23 weeks and 4 days

We have a doctor's visit scheduled for March 4th (Aunt Mariah's birthday!!) so we will have an updated sonogram picture soon.

Overall, life is wonderful and BUSY right now. I have two field trips coming up at school, one being the ZOO, so please say a prayer my poor ankles won't be too swollen :) and you can see what has been taking most of Daniel's time!

Have a blessed week,

Daniel, Melissa, and Baby Girl

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Christi said...

You're blog is so cute!!! We love girls around here :) I LOVE the bedding- Brookie's room is black and white and pink too (there's a pic on our blog). Congratulations to you guys, she'll be here before you know it!!!