Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I'm happyache.
I'm happy because Delaney is here, alive, and healthy.
I ache for aren't here.
I'm happy because I know you are alive with HIM.
I ache for a 4 year old, 2 year old, and a 2 month old.
I'm happy for a safe pregnancy with Delaney.
I ache for knowing why not for you?
I'm happy that Briley is finally getting to experience being a big sister.
I ache because you made her a big sister first.
I'm happy for every precious day with your sisters.
I ache for the days here on earth I will never get with you.
I'm happy for every new smile, coo, and laugh.
I ache to see you smile, coo, and laugh.
I'm happy that my arms don't feel so empty.
I ache for you to be in them.
I'm happy that God is mending my broken heart.
I ache for the day it is completely healed.
I'm happy that God allowed me to carry you for 160 days.
I ache for the 938 days I've missed.
I'm happy God can turn weeping at night to JOY in the morning.
I ache to see your face.
I'm happy I was able to kiss it.
I'm happy you will always be watching over your sisters.
I ache that you went before me.
I'm happy your Daddy is the best girl Daddy ever.
I ache to see him be a Daddy to you.
I'm happy you changed me.
I ache because I'm happy.
I'm happyache.
Hadley I miss you...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Picture Update :)

Delaney Hope is 2 months old!!
She is just the sweetest, most adorable, and EASY baby.  We are so in love with this new addition to our family and feel beyond blessed by God's love.
I found these month by month stickers on etsy and I LOVE seeing how much she has already changed in 2 months...
Sometimes I feel like I am looking at Briley when I'm holding Delaney.  I love how much they look alike...there is no denying they are sisters :)
Briley on the left at 2 months...Delaney on the right at 2 months

Here is just a few more pictures from the past 2 months that are my favorite :)

Delaney's Newborn Pictures

Our sweet Delaney Hope...
:) Melissa