Monday, December 29, 2008

The baby bump has emerged...

15 weeks 5 days

We are going to start taking belly pictures weekly now :)

Merry Christmas!!

Daniel and I had such a wonderful Christmas!! We had many relatives to visit and it was so nice to see everyone and catch up. I kept telling Daniel, "Ok, this is our last Christmas just the two of us so we should enjoy it because it will NEVER be like this again!!" On the other hand, I kept thinking I can't wait for next Christmas...I'm not sure how many times my Mom and I said, "Well next Christmas we can do this with the baby...". It was exciting to think about how different and wonderful it will be and it just made me feel that much more grateful for the many blessings we have in store for us in 2009! Here are a few pictures from Christmas with our families!!
Goose and Gracie's Christmas stockings!!

Daniel opening presents Christmas morning.

My Willow Tree "Expecting Mommy" figurine from Daniel :)

"Are there any more presents for us Mom?"

One of the many gifts Baby Bufe received for Christmas :)

My Mom and I Christmas Eve at Granddaddy's.

My handsome brothers!

The whole family!

All the Bufe's Christmas morning!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

13 week appt!!

This afternoon we had our 13 week appointment. It went wonderful. Dr. Neal started the ultrasound and our little bean was moving like crazy!! He/She was kicking its legs and even shaking its little butt!! It was so funny! I told Daniel, "We might have a little girl on our hands that likes to dance"...Daniel replied back, "No we have a boy that like to run!". It was by far our most fun appointment :) It was SO AMAZING to see the baby moving around, I can't wait until I can start to feel him/her. Dr. Neal said probably closer to 18-22 weeks I will start to feel movement. We scheduled our next appt. for 17 weeks and then 3 weeks after that on January 29th we will find out if Baby Bufe is a BOY or a GIRL!! Daniel and I can't wait!!

Here is a look at all of our ultrasounds so you can see how much the baby has grown...

6 weeks

9 weeks

13 weeks

Merry Christmas!!

Daniel, Melissa, Baby, Goose, and Gracie

Sunday, December 7, 2008

There must be something in the water...

I think my friends and I are starting the new Baby Boom of 2009...seriously there are 5 of my friends that are pregnant too!! It's awesome!!

Jamie: Due January '09
Amy: Due May '09

Trish: Due June '09

Me: Due June '09

Morgan: Due July '09

Tracy: Due August '09

I have my own pregnancy call line...I am bound to get my questions answered between the five of them!! I love all of you and I am praying for each of you everyday.

Here is a little pregnancy humor for my fellow mommies and mommies to be :)

A woman goes to her doctor who verifies that she is pregnant. This is her first pregnancy. The doctor asks her if she has any questions. She replies, "Well, I'm a little worried about the pain. How much will childbirth hurt?"

The doctor answered, "Well, that varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy and besides, it's difficult to describe pain."
"I know, but can't you give me some idea?" she asks.

"Grab your upper lip and pull it out a little..."
"Like this?"
"A little more..."
"Like this?"
"No. A little more..."
"Like this?"
"Yes. Does that hurt?"
"A little bit."
"Now stretch it over your head!"

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Bufe's are now officially bloggers!! I find this to be a much easier way to post pictures and update family about what is going on with Daniel, Baby, and I. I won't have the baby website anymore so start checking here for updates!!

Our next appointment is on Tuesday and I cannot wait!! Our little bean will have grown a lot since the last time we saw him/her. We will post new ultrasound pics as soon as we can. At this visit we will schedule our appointment to find out the sex...I can't believe how fast already time has gone. I am almost through my 1st trimester. God is so good!! This past week my belly has made a sudden appearance as well!! Nothing to noticeable to others, but definitely to Daniel and I. I will post belly pictures soon!

Out life right now is crazy and wonderful!! Daniel is busy working at the fire station and hanging Christmas lights with Brad. Their business has really taken off..Morgan and I are very proud!! :) I am 2 weeks away from Christmas break and I cannot believe it!! I love my kids but I am ready for a LONG break. You won't believe how many times a day I get called "Mommy". I will be used to it by the time our baby starts to talk!! I also have decided not to tell them I am pregnant and just wait until one of them asks me if I ate too much over Christmas break!! I'm sure I will have some funny stories to share when that comes up!!

Our next post will be ultrasound pictures!!

Happy Holidays,