Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Catch up!!

Sometimes I feel like the weeks are flying by and sometimes they seem very slow...this week is a slow one!!  But luckily I feel like I have time to blog today ;)
A couple weeks ago we went to the Texas Rangers opening day as a family.  This has become a tradition since Briley was 9 months old.  In fact she has not missed an opening day since.  Daniel and I will of course keep this tradition going and we can't wait to add Miss Delaney to the tradition next year.  Here are a few pictures from our day and a few from past opening days!!
She was so excited to watch the Rangers.   She thinks every sport/game on TV is her Texas Rangers!

Once we got to our seats she got a little distracted but peanuts and snow cones helped out...

Love this family pic :)

Rangers Opening Day '10, '11, '12, and '13!!

Last week Briley had her very FIRST dentist appt.  I was pretty nervous.  I thought she would be difficult and I was afraid of the x-ray results.  I do not have good teeth genetically and I was hoping she did not inherit my bad teeth.  We checked in and they called us back with minutes!  She picked out the movie she wanted to watch while she was in the chair and had her x-rays done first.  Daniel and I got to go back with her and she did SO GOOD.  She seemed so big standing there getting x-rays, sitting in the dentist chair, and even using the sucker thing that cleans out the water in your mouth!!  As silly as it sounds I did get a little emotional...I was just so proud of her!!
Best part...NO CAVITIES!!!!  She picked out a pink toothbrush and a pink frog to play with in the bathtub.  We also took her to Target to pick out a special present from Mommy and Daddy!!  We were so proud of our big girl and I loved that Daniel could be there and we could experience this first big milestone as a family :)

On Sunday was mine and Daniel's 6th wedding anniversary!!  We ate dinner the night before and then spent Sunday at church and just relaxing in the afternoon.  We exchanged our yearly letters and added them to our heart box.  I can't believe we already have six letters to each other in the box.  I know they will be so neat for our children/grandchildren to look back on.  I'm so grateful our pastor challenged us to do that every year...I hope Briley and Delaney carry that tradition on with their future husbands.
So looking forward to year 7 and adding another sweet baby girl to our family :)
Today I had a doctor's appt. and Delaney once again looked wonderful.  God is continually over and over blessing us during this pregnancy.  I have to find a sign/make one to hang in Delaney's room that says "Prayer Works". God is so GOOD.  This little girl is growing A LOT.  They measured my belly today and it is measuring 32 weeks...but I will only be 27 on Saturday.  ;) I am so thankful but WOW.  With Briley I measured around 2 weeks ahead every time so I'm thinking Delaney will be a big girl just like her sister.  
Before church this past Sunday :)
Last but not least Briley had to bring something that started with the letter "x" today to preschool.  Of course x is a pretty hard show 'n' tell to come up with but Briley and I came up with the perfect idea...
The x-rays of her teeth!!  Her dentist office was kind enough to make us a copy to keep and she couldn't wait to show her friends at school her "sparkly teeth with no sugar bugs"!!
Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter weekend

We had such a BLESSED Easter weekend.
On Saturday we celebrated with a spring family day at our church and dyed Easter eggs with Auntie that evening.  Warning LOTS of pictures!!
 Briley's Easter basket!!
I LOVE these pictures of our family Easter morning.  My Mom found Briley's dress first so we went with the pink theme.  I can't wait to be holding Delaney next year in these pictures!!
 24 weeks with Miss Delaney Hope...I'm 26 now!!!  :)

After a beautiful church service and persuading my husband to help me watch 2 year olds because I was short on volunteers ;) We headed to the cemetery to see Nonnie and Hadley.
 She did not want her picture taken but even her sassy little face turned out so pretty!!

We then headed to Daniel's Nanny's for a yummy lunch and Easter egg hunt for the kiddos...
She did VERY well!!
After Nanny's we stopped by my Mom and Dad's to visit and my Mom had another Easter egg hunt ready for Briley of course. 
I have to end with a comparison of Easter today and years passed.  I'm so thankful for our growing girl and growing family.  I miss Hadley so much but I'm so humbled to know she is with our RISEN KING!!
Easter 2010-2013