Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The poll is officially closed!!

The results are in:


Almost even...we will see tomorrow afternoon who was right!



Monday, January 19, 2009

We have been busy!

Unfortunately, Daniel and I missed our 18 week picture. I had report cards and comment cards due, a new bulletin board to put up, and Daniel was busy building this...


Daniel and his Dad worked very hard on my bench and I LOVE IT!! It opens for more storage space and it will make our seating for 6-8 instead of 4! He still has to stain it but you get the idea...isn't my husband so handy??!!

We will definitely take our 19 week picture tomorrow. January is going by VERY slow...however I am excited to say that we have t-minus 10 days until we find out if we are having a future firefighter or a future drill team captain :)

Some other exciting best friend Jamie had her baby boy on Friday!!
Caleb Timothy Cunningham :)
1 delivery down...5 (including me) to go!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Daniel, Melissa, and Baby

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

17 week appointment!!

Today was our 17 week appointment and it went perfect! They always weigh me first and I insisted I take off my 10 pound knee-high boots I wore to school today. Dr. Neal walked out as I was doing it and laughed and said, "You could take off in the air with those things!". I didn't want to be weighed with my 10 pound boots and all the Christmas food I have had these past two weeks! However, the results weren't bad and Dr. Neal said my weight gain so far looks great. Dr. Neal did a sonogram for us like he always does and the baby was hunched over like it was saying a little prayer. It was so cute. After a minute or so, it turned and we were able to see the heart beating away. That is always my favorite part :) We will find out the sex in t-minus 3 weeks and 2 days!! We cannot wait!!

Here is our sonogram picture from today!!

Saying my bedtime prayers :)

Here is our belly shot for the week!!

Please ignore how tired I look...20 five-year olds can do that to you :)


Daniel, Melissa, Baby, Goose, and Gracie

Friday, January 2, 2009

And the Drano test says...


On his way home from work this morning, Daniel stopped to get some "crystallized" Drano so we could perform our at home gender test :) We poured my "substance" into the Drano crystals and it started going crazy! What we weren't prepared for was the STINK BOMB that it makes when mixed together. It was so GROSS!! It was pretty amusing though and luckily we got it on videotape :) The test we found on the internet said if it changes to a darkish color it means boy and if it stays the same color it means girl. The Drano test is a Bufe women tradition so I was happy to do it but I'm not betting on the results...50/50 chance though right?!?

Here is a picture of our lovely concoction...
It looks green in the picture but it was actually blackish/brownish. We used a plastic cup and the mixture started eating at the cup!! Luckily Daniel was able to throw it out before it spilled!

Just a fun Friday at the Bufe home!!