Tuesday, January 6, 2009

17 week appointment!!

Today was our 17 week appointment and it went perfect! They always weigh me first and I insisted I take off my 10 pound knee-high boots I wore to school today. Dr. Neal walked out as I was doing it and laughed and said, "You could take off in the air with those things!". I didn't want to be weighed with my 10 pound boots and all the Christmas food I have had these past two weeks! However, the results weren't bad and Dr. Neal said my weight gain so far looks great. Dr. Neal did a sonogram for us like he always does and the baby was hunched over like it was saying a little prayer. It was so cute. After a minute or so, it turned and we were able to see the heart beating away. That is always my favorite part :) We will find out the sex in t-minus 3 weeks and 2 days!! We cannot wait!!

Here is our sonogram picture from today!!

Saying my bedtime prayers :)

Here is our belly shot for the week!!

Please ignore how tired I look...20 five-year olds can do that to you :)


Daniel, Melissa, Baby, Goose, and Gracie

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MamaZam said...

Congrats you two on your baby bun in the oven! How exciting! I just started a blog for our family too so I added you guys to my blog list to keep up with your pregnancy. Congrats again!