Friday, January 2, 2009

And the Drano test says...


On his way home from work this morning, Daniel stopped to get some "crystallized" Drano so we could perform our at home gender test :) We poured my "substance" into the Drano crystals and it started going crazy! What we weren't prepared for was the STINK BOMB that it makes when mixed together. It was so GROSS!! It was pretty amusing though and luckily we got it on videotape :) The test we found on the internet said if it changes to a darkish color it means boy and if it stays the same color it means girl. The Drano test is a Bufe women tradition so I was happy to do it but I'm not betting on the results...50/50 chance though right?!?

Here is a picture of our lovely concoction...
It looks green in the picture but it was actually blackish/brownish. We used a plastic cup and the mixture started eating at the cup!! Luckily Daniel was able to throw it out before it spilled!

Just a fun Friday at the Bufe home!!



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Anonymous said...

I know this was 2 years ago, but my mom isn't convinced. Lol. How did you determine this meant boy? Is it what everyone says? Someone else has said the opposite. Just curious! Thank you! :)