Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter weekend

We had such a BLESSED Easter weekend.
On Saturday we celebrated with a spring family day at our church and dyed Easter eggs with Auntie that evening.  Warning LOTS of pictures!!
 Briley's Easter basket!!
I LOVE these pictures of our family Easter morning.  My Mom found Briley's dress first so we went with the pink theme.  I can't wait to be holding Delaney next year in these pictures!!
 24 weeks with Miss Delaney Hope...I'm 26 now!!!  :)

After a beautiful church service and persuading my husband to help me watch 2 year olds because I was short on volunteers ;) We headed to the cemetery to see Nonnie and Hadley.
 She did not want her picture taken but even her sassy little face turned out so pretty!!

We then headed to Daniel's Nanny's for a yummy lunch and Easter egg hunt for the kiddos...
She did VERY well!!
After Nanny's we stopped by my Mom and Dad's to visit and my Mom had another Easter egg hunt ready for Briley of course. 
I have to end with a comparison of Easter today and years passed.  I'm so thankful for our growing girl and growing family.  I miss Hadley so much but I'm so humbled to know she is with our RISEN KING!!
Easter 2010-2013


LauraJane said...

Such beautiful photos. She's such a beautiful girl- and pregnancy look so beautiful on you! :)

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