Wednesday, December 10, 2008

13 week appt!!

This afternoon we had our 13 week appointment. It went wonderful. Dr. Neal started the ultrasound and our little bean was moving like crazy!! He/She was kicking its legs and even shaking its little butt!! It was so funny! I told Daniel, "We might have a little girl on our hands that likes to dance"...Daniel replied back, "No we have a boy that like to run!". It was by far our most fun appointment :) It was SO AMAZING to see the baby moving around, I can't wait until I can start to feel him/her. Dr. Neal said probably closer to 18-22 weeks I will start to feel movement. We scheduled our next appt. for 17 weeks and then 3 weeks after that on January 29th we will find out if Baby Bufe is a BOY or a GIRL!! Daniel and I can't wait!!

Here is a look at all of our ultrasounds so you can see how much the baby has grown...

6 weeks

9 weeks

13 weeks

Merry Christmas!!

Daniel, Melissa, Baby, Goose, and Gracie

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