Friday, December 5, 2008

The Bufe's are now officially bloggers!! I find this to be a much easier way to post pictures and update family about what is going on with Daniel, Baby, and I. I won't have the baby website anymore so start checking here for updates!!

Our next appointment is on Tuesday and I cannot wait!! Our little bean will have grown a lot since the last time we saw him/her. We will post new ultrasound pics as soon as we can. At this visit we will schedule our appointment to find out the sex...I can't believe how fast already time has gone. I am almost through my 1st trimester. God is so good!! This past week my belly has made a sudden appearance as well!! Nothing to noticeable to others, but definitely to Daniel and I. I will post belly pictures soon!

Out life right now is crazy and wonderful!! Daniel is busy working at the fire station and hanging Christmas lights with Brad. Their business has really taken off..Morgan and I are very proud!! :) I am 2 weeks away from Christmas break and I cannot believe it!! I love my kids but I am ready for a LONG break. You won't believe how many times a day I get called "Mommy". I will be used to it by the time our baby starts to talk!! I also have decided not to tell them I am pregnant and just wait until one of them asks me if I ate too much over Christmas break!! I'm sure I will have some funny stories to share when that comes up!!

Our next post will be ultrasound pictures!!

Happy Holidays,


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Lacey and Rob said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! It's lots of fun and a great way to share...beware, it can be addicting :) Love ya'll and can't wait to see new pics of your baby GIRL!!!