Thursday, February 5, 2009

Profile Picture!!

Today we had my regular monthly appointment, and lucky for us we were able to see the sonogram tech again because last week our little girl wouldn't give us a nice profile shot.

Well this week she definitely cooperated!!

So precious!! (21 weeks)

Dr. Neal said once again everything looks fantastic and that her profile was beautiful :) Her Daddy and I have to agree! I go back around the first of March and I will have my glucose/finger prick test done. Apparently I have to drink a gross looking liquid 30 minutes before I show up, not really looking forward to that but that's ok...she is worth it!

I also have to share this hilarious picture one of my girls drew for me at school. The assignment was to write about something that inspires you and she was so sweet to say that, "Mrs. Bufe inspires me because she is so nice." You also had to illustrate a picture of what it was that inspired you, and here is her drawing...

I'm pretty sure my kids are WELL AWARE of the fact that I'm pregnant, now that their drawings look like this!! :) It made my day and gave Daniel a good laugh. Gotta love 6 year-olds!

Have a blessed weekend!


The Bufe's


Tiffany & Tristan said...

She looks perfect!! I'm not going to lie that stuff they make you drink is disgusting but just chug it...the faster you get it down the better. haha

The Still Family said...

I put my stuff in the fridge and it wasn't so bad...Promise! Also, I think she has Melissa's nose! Can't wait to see more pics of you, her, and her room. Any names yet? I wanted Claire....but Rob won!