Monday, March 2, 2009

More renovations and fun in Canton!

Here are some updated pictures of the room..Daddy has been working hard as usual!

He added the chair rail above the wainscoting!!

Next on the agenda is to paint the wainscoting, corners, and chair rail.

He did get the ceiling painted white, which I love! We thought about maybe painting it pink as well, but I love the contrast from the white wainscoting, to the pink walls, to the white ceiling. As usual, Daddy did a WONDERFUL job. What would I do without my handy husband??

Along with baby room renovations, Daniel and I also made a trip to Canton this weekend. Our hope was to find an unfinished crib for Daniel to stain to match the furniture he is building...unfortunately we couldn't find a crib, but I did find a bunch of other little items that made me very happy :) If you have never been to Canton, YOU MUST GO. It was every woman's dream...rows upon rows of booths filled with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I have never been so excited to shop in my life :) Daniel was very patient but I think next time he would prefer I go with a group of women. There was only so many times he could get excited with me about a hair bow!! So of course I want to share some pictures of my shopping extravaganza...

A sign for her room :)

Fun burp cloths!

A start to her enormous hair bow collection that I am predicting for the future!

An adorable bandanna dress that will grow with her as she grows...first it's a dress, then a dress with leggings, and then a shirt! I told Daniel how can we pass it's economical??

How could I resist bloomers that say "Gigi loves me"?? (my Mom's grandma name). Don't worry Nonnie (Daniel's Mom's grandma name) yours were special ordered that day and should be here by the end of the week ;)

An adorable pacifier clip with her name on it...yes I said her NAME!! We have finally come to a decision and spelling. The next picture will reveal it...

Briley Ann Bufe
I'm sure my Mom is already on the phone ordering items to be monogrammed you Mom!

Our last and final purchase in Canton for the day was the...
...rocking chair!! Daniel and I love the idea of having an old fashioned rocking chair in her room. Daniel will stain this black to match the furniture and we already have our rocking chair pad that matches her bedding thanks to my Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie...thank you!!

Overall it was such a fun weekend shopping for BRILEY and I can't wait until we can find a crib and for Daniel to start building the furniture.

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

Daniel, Melissa, and Briley
(Goose and Gracie too!)

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Tiffany & Tristan said...

I love the pink! And the bows...I have to admitt, I put one in Tristan's hair today b/c he has so much of it. I LOVE my little boy but little girls sure are fun too :)