Thursday, March 26, 2009

Room update!!

Sorry we have not been able to update sooner!!
Here are a few pictures of Briley's room...
Her tutu hairbow holder

We have accumulated more clothes.... :)

Wainscoting is done and crib is here!!

It's all coming together :)

I'm so proud of Daniel and all of his hard work for our little girl!

Here is a better view of the sleigh crib. We bought it at a unfinished furniture store in Ft. thing on the agenda is to stain the crib black.

What has been stained so far is the rocking chair!! Daniel was in the garage last night for over 3 hours staining it! We contemplated for a LONG time about the right mix of black stain and were very worried about how it would turn out. Well, I think it looks perfect and I can't wait for the crib and furniture to be stained too!

We had a wonderful spring break. We celebrated Daniel's 26th birthday with family and friends and I was able to get my swollen ankle to finally go down, YEA!! However, now that I'm back at work it is swollen again...what can you do!?

Here is our belly picture from last week...she has grown ALOT in the past few weeks. All my teachers at work said I had a growth spurt over spring break :)

Tomorrow we have our 4D sonogram at 9:30 a.m. I took a half day off work so please say a prayer she isn't camera shy and we can get some good pictures
of her. We will upload pictures from that as soon as we can!

Here is one last picture to wish you a happy Friday...

Gracie wanted her picture taken too!!


The Bufe's


Tinabell said...

Looks like its all starting to come together!! I cant wait to see the finished product.

Anonymous said...

The nursery looks great and so do you!

The White Family said...

OMG! You have grown! You look beautiful! You don't have much longer to go and it will go by so fast. I am sorry about your swelling; that sucks. I was lucky, I didn't start swelling in my feet until 2 weeks before I delivered and I worked the day before. I will keep ya'll in my thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to see upcoming pictures!