Thursday, February 25, 2010

God's Blessings...

I have decided to start my first blog of 2010 (yes I know it's the end of February) with writing about the tremendous amount of blessings I have in my life...
  1. I am blessed with a God that loves me unconditionally even at my worst.
  2. I am blessed with a husband who loves me everyday and is my best friend.
  3. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter that has shown me even more how amazing our God is.
  4. I am blessed with a Mom that puts everyone and everything before about selfless love!!
  5. I am blessed with AMAZING family.
  6. I am blessed with AMAZING friends.
  7. I am blessed to not only have a job, but to do something that I love.
  8. I am blessed to have such a wonderful team that is so supportive on my tough days at work!!
  9. I am blessed to have a home.
  10. I am blessed with two amazing women that take care of Briley when I cannot...what a wonderful thing God did when he brought them into our lives. 
  11. Finally...I am blessed to be the the daughter-in-law to an amazing woman who is fighting and WINNING her battle with cancer.  Cancer sucks but GOD HEALS!!!!  Love you Tammie!!
I feel like it is so easy to forget about the things that we have in our life everyday and I feel like God spoke to my heart about starting my year off with thinking about the blessings that I have been given.

I know it has been forever since I blogged but I am really going to try and keep everyone updated!!  

Can't think of a better way to end this blog than with a picture of June-bug!!



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