Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fun!!

The temperature today is not supposed to get above 70 and I can't tell you how happy that makes me!!  Don't get me wrong I LOVE summer (I'm a teacher) but there is something about that first cool day after many long hot days of summer that gets me really excited about the holiday season approaching.  I already have our fall wreath on the door, pumpkins spread throughout the living room, and our fall flower garland on our mantle, so it has seemed like fall for a while in our house :)  Christmas is by far my favorite decorating holiday...but fall is definitely a close second!!  I'm still working on collecting fall decor but here is a little glimpse of the fall in our home...

With fall of course come Halloween and I already ordered Briley's Halloween costume and it should be here any day now.  Here is a peek at her costume and her cute Halloween treat bag that I ordered as well!!

Daniel and I decided we wanted her to be something traditional this year because we know every year after this she will most likely want to be a princess, fairy, or ballerina.  Which is fine with us, but we are excited about having one more year to pick for her :)  I'm hoping it's a little chilly on Halloween so I can put black tights with it, I can't wait to see it on her!!

Here is a cute picture of our little fall's hard to get a smile out of her with her paci always glued to her mouth!!  Still cute though :)

Have a blessed week!!

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