Friday, October 7, 2011

Name Gallery #6

Our family and friends NEVER let us down each month.  
These are amazing!!!

I have to share about a few of these this month...

Here is Daniel's dad (Papa), Daniel's sister (Auntie), and Briley...I LOVE THESE!!  I'm not sure how they got Briley to sit so well!!

A couple of weeks ago, my brother Andrew (who lives in Boston) drove to Hadley, MA.  He met the captain that I got Daniel's father's day gifts from (read about that here) and this is one picture he took from his trip.  I thought it was really sweet of him to go there and take pictures for us and for his angel niece :)

My best friend, Tracy, recently took a trip to NYC and sent me some amazing pictures.  She spelled out Hadley first and middle name with the beautiful architecture in the city and I can't tell you how much Daniel and I LOVE these.  Mine and Daniel's first trip together was NYC, so it holds a very special place in our heart...we are so grateful that she did this for us.  Some of the letters are even from the new 9/11 memorial!!
"I have called you by are mine." -Isaiah 43:1

In Christ's Love,

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Sara said...

Melissa, I love the names ... so neat. It was great seeing you at the Walk to Remember:) Praying for you!