Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fan or a Follower?

Daniel and I have started attending a small group at our new church and we were able to watch the last couple episodes of a study they have been doing titled, Fan or Follower?  Just the few episodes we have seen has really impacted me... I a fan or a follower?  

I want to say I'm a follower.  I think parts of me are.  But I'm not completely there.  I want to be SO bad and I know Jesus is clearing MY (yucky and sinful) path so I can TRULY follow him.  Every day, every hour, every minute, every second.  A fan is someone on the sidelines and I absolutely do not want to be left there. 

HE isn't asking can I just be a fan when he's holding out his hand and giving me eternity with God?  I know I'm saved by His grace but I think what I'm asking myself tonight is what am I doing with my salvation that shows I'm not just a fan but a follower?

He's given me everything I need to be a follower...I can't let HIM down.

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