Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet Kristin and Kyle!!

When Daniel and I began the task of finding a private sitter for Briley we (mostly me) were very worried but prayed A LOT that God would find a perfect place for her to be taken care of.

Prayerfully, we did not have to search long! I know a lot of our family and friends (mostly a certain Gigi and Nonnie) are very anxious to see who is going to watch Miss Briley so meet Kristin and Kyle...

Kyle and her adorable son Max, me, Kristin

A little about them...

Kyle Vanderveer is married to the art teacher at my school, Joey. They have a son, Max who was born in November, and he is about as cute as they come! Kyle worked as a teacher at another school in our district and now stays home with Max. Kyle is such a sweet person and you can tell the second you meet her what a caring Christian woman she is. I am so excited for her to take care of Briley and I bet her and Max will have lots of fun adventures together :) (Check out their family blog on my friends list-The Vanderveer's!!).

Kristin Stanton is one of Kyle's best friends and her husband is also a teacher in our district. She has an adorable little girl, Lilly, who is 5, and she is expecting another baby girl, Annabelle, a week before me! Kristin will be home-schooling her daughter this year to keep a faith-centered approach to her learning and I f
eel so blessed that Briley will be hearing scripture and learning while in her care!! Kristin was also a nanny and you can tell what a passion she has for children and for her faith. We are so lucky that she is taking care of Briley and I know Briley will have a blast with her new friend, Annabelle!

So, once school starts in August, Kristin will watch her M-W-F and Kyle T-TH. If her Daddy is not busy mowing or at the fire station then she
will be home with him! Another bonus...they both live in our subdivision!! Daniel and I are so thankful that God has provided a warm, safe, and nurturing environment for Briley and we are thankful to Kristin and Kyle for wanting to take care of our little girl. I was so nervous thinking about leaving her and now God has put a peace in my heart.

Kristin and Kyle we are excited to have you be a part of Briley's life!!

On another note, Happy Mother's Day to all!! This day definitely has a new light shed on it now that I have joined the club :)

I hope to be a Godly and loving Mother to Briley like you are to me...God has blessed me with an amazing Mom. Happy Mother's Day Mom...I love you!!



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