Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day and Daniel's Birthday!!

We had such a wonderful day celebrating Daniel's birthday and just relaxing as a family.  In the morning, Briley and I set out Daddy's presents while he went for his teeth cleaning (even went to the dentist on his birthday!) and when he came home he opened his presents from us...

Briley helping get Daddy's present ready!!

Ready for Dad to open his presents!

Helping Dad open his card

Reading her card with Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
After opening presents, Daddy went outside to mow the lawn and Briley and I started a tradition I hope to do each year for Daniel's birthday...making red velvet cupcakes from scratch!!  I saw an episode of Paula Deen where she made these and I have wanted to do it ever since.

Briley needed to have some breakfast though before we got started so she had to wear her cute St. Patrick's Day bib!!

Halfway through...starting to rethink this idea!!

Ran out of red food coloring so they look like pink-velvet cupckaes...but we made do!!

Briley approves!!

As you can tell we are missing two because Daniel and I tried some early and they were delicious!!

Overall, it was a really good recipe...the only thing we would change is to not have so much cream cheese in the icing.  Here is the link to the recipe if you are interested...

To continue celebrating Daniel's birthday we went out to eat with his family for one of his favorite foods...barbecue of course!! We went to Coopers in downtown Ft. Worth and I have to admit for someone that isn't that big of a barbecue fan it was really good!!  Here are a few pictures from dinner...

Briley Ann all dressed in her St. Patty's Day outfit

"More puffs please Mom!!"

Family photo time!!
Overall, it was such a fun day celebrating Daniel's birthday and just spending some good quality time together over Spring Break!!

Next update...trip to the fire station and the rest of our spring break!!


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