Friday, June 25, 2010

A Ladybug 1st Birthday-Part 1

Briley's birthday party was so much fun and even though all of the planning and preparation was hard work...I wouldn't trade it for the memories we created!!  We just received the photos back from the photographer (Sweet Lime Photography) and there are so many wonderful photos that were captured that day!!  I have decided to break it up into 2 blog showing the decorations and one with all the party fun.  I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends that helped me with the decorations and I have been asked by some about all the decor so I wanted to give credit where it was deserved :)
Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures!!!

 Sign was made by my very good friend Tracy (Keeping up with the Sones') and scrapbook paper found at Hobby Lobby!!  It was the perfect sign to welcome people to the party.  Thank you Tracy!!

Here was the main table.  The tissue poms hanging from our ceiling fan I ordered from a lady on (PartyPoms).  As Tracy and I were decorating the night before we realized as soon as we opened up the poms that they are actually pretty simple to make, but it was also really nice to not have to mess with cutting them and I was able to find the perfect colors to go with our theme!!

This was Briley's "smash" cake and I ordered it from our favorite bakery Texas Star.  It was only $15!!  I was glad we didn't end up spending a lot of money on this because the birthday girl wasn't too crazy about getting messy in her cake and she prefered the ice cream instead :)

I decided to go with cupcakes for the guests because I loved the idea of not having to worry about cutting a cake.  I also ordered these from Texas Star and they were only $30 for 5 dozen!!  Can't beat that!!  The napkins, plates, and flowers were purchased at Hobby Lobby, and the frame with the birds was a gift from Briley's Auntie, and the green checkered one I mod podged.  Now onto the best part...the cupcake toppers!!  Those were made by my wonderfully talented friend Christina (check out her awesome blog were she shares all of her great ideas Twitterpated) who also made her invitation shown above.  Like I said...I am very lucky to have such talented friends!!  

For the food table I went pretty simple.  I only used clear or white serving trays to keep it consistent.  We had a watermelon (perfect with the pink and green theme!), chips and dip, trail mix, and cheese and crackers.  I bought the silverware containers and fabric from Hobby Lobby...both on SALE!!  I also purchased the napkins that matched the plates and napkins on the cake/cupcake table at Hobby Lobby.  What's a girl to do without Hobby Lobby.  Tracy and I strung curling ribbon through the pot rack just to give it a touch of color up there and I loved how it looked.

I was so proud of how our mantle turned out.  I actually ordered the balloons at the last minute and I really think it made it all come together.  More details below about Briley sign and 12 months of pictures banner.

I found the Briley banner on a website that had a lot of pink and green party ideas.  Unfortunately, I can't remember what website but I know a lot of people on make banners like this.  The 12 month picture banner my friend Christina found online and I just knew when I saw it that I had to do that.  I took her name banner with me to Hobby Lobby and was able to match almost all of the scrapbook paper.  I loved picking out a picture for each month and it was so neat to look and see how much she has changed over the past year.

This little hat was the start of all my pink and green craziness!!  I found this way back in January and knew that I wanted to do a pink and green theme for Briley's 1st birthday.  It was made by an awesome girl on etsy and here is the link to her site shoplissy.  She makes amazing party hats and she also ended up making Briley's tutu to match!!

The Briley bib my Mom (the monogramming queen) had done at West Creations in Hurst.  They are amazing at monogramming and this bib they did has probably been one of my favorite thus far!!  I wanted her highchair to look a little more girly so I bought the tulle high chair skirt at Celebrate Express for only $16.99.  The good thing is you can reuse it so friends feel free to borrow it if you would like!!

For the card tables outside I wanted to add a little bit of color.  So I laid a simple white plastic tablecloth down and the fabric I bought from Hobby Lobby on top of that.  On each card table was a green tin with marbles and gerber daisies inside that I also found on sale at Hobby Lobby.  The ladybugs were actually plain wood and my very talented friend Tracy painted them...they turned out ADORABLE!!  They are actually magnets so I'm taking some to put in my room at school and Daniel kept some for his locker at work :)

What's a birthday party without a bounce house??  We rented this from a great friend that own a bounce house company All American Inflatables and it was most definitely the BIG hit of the party!!!

As friends and family were leaving the party they were thanked by Briley on the note and kiddos were allowed to pick a bug catcher to take home with them as their party favor keeping with the "ladybug" theme.  They were a big hit and I bought a case of 24 for $24 at the Dollar Tree!! 

Last but not least...our little ladybugs outfit!!  Like I said previously the tutu was purchased from ShopLissy on etsy and it turned out perfect!!  I even used it for her 1 year pictures so I got double the use out of it.  The onesie my Mom once again had done at West Creations and it ended up matching perfectly with her theme and tutu.  Her bow was made by my friend Tracy and it even has a little number 1 in the middle of the button...too cute!!  I found the bloomers on etsy as well from SimplySweetShoppe and those were a big hit with family and friends!!

Overall, it was an amazing party and I feel so blessed to have such thoughtful friends that helped me in putting together such a fun time.  We are so blessed to have Briley Ann in our lives and I am so blessed to be her Mom and watch her grow :)

Next blog...all the action shots from the party!!


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they are beautiful pics! YOu did an amazing job with all the decorations! I love you girlie, cant wait to see you next week.