Friday, September 17, 2010

Back in the swing of things...

That is exactly what is going on at the Bufe household lately.  We are back in our "routine" and I have to admit it is nice being on a schedule again.  I have been back in school for 4 weeks now and I honestly can't believe how fast it is already going....come on Thanksgiving Break!!  I have a VERY sweet group of Kindergarten kids this year and I'm excited to watch them grow and change throughout the year.  A lot of people ask me why I teach Kindergarten (sometimes I ask myself that) but I always give the same answer...there is nothing like being their 1st teacher in "big" school.  I love seeing how nervous and excited they are at the beginning and then watching them change into big kids ready to conquer every grade thereafter.  Plus the kiddos just LOVE you and on days when I feel very upset about leaving my precious little girl, their smiling faces help get me through the day!!  Guess you can't really understand unless you do it everyday :) Here is my AMAZING kindergarten team this year...would not be able to make it through without these ladies!!

Briley has done an AMAZING job getting back in the swing of things as well.  It varies each week but she is usually at her private sitter's (Kristin) house 2-3 days a week and then at home with Daniel on the days he is home from the fire station.  She is still having a hard time when I leave in the mornings but I know that comes with her age, however it is pretty hard on me and I count the hours until I can see that precious face in the afternoon!!  She loves going to Kristin's house on the days Daniel can't watch her.  Kristin has two girls, Lily-6, Annabelle-16 months.  Annabelle was born 10 days before Briley and I am so glad Briley has a little friend so close in age to her that she can play with on a weekly basis.  Lily, her oldest is also a big fan of Briley's...she smiles so big every time I say her name!!  I can't say enough how lucky we are to have such an amazing and GODLY woman to watch Briley.  God truly blessed us with the Stanton family!!  Let me mention also that we dearly miss our other private sitter from last year, Kyle and her sweet son Max that Briley adored as well!!

Along with teaching school during the week I now teach every Sunday at First Hurst in Briley's class, Ones A.  I love that I get to be with Briley in her Sunday school class but what makes it even better is my very best friend, Sarah, is getting to teach with me!!  We are so excited about seeing each other every Sunday, I love her and her sweet family so much and I love that I get to see her once a week so we can catch up.  We are both notoriously BUSY BUSY so I love that I know I will get that time with her on Sunday morning.

So, as you can see we are back in our routine and very busy at that.  We have also been up at the hospital the past week because Daniel's Mom had fluid in her heart and lungs and needed it to be drained.  She is home now and doing well.  Please, please, please keep her and our family in your prayers.  Don't forget to visit her CaringBridge site at

I can't think of a better way to end this blog then with a cute pic of my GIRLY GIRL!!!  We are off to a birthday party tomorrow and another one on Sunday so I will have fun pictures from those on the next blog, as well as the 9/11 tribute that Daniel put together for Lancaster Fire Department and the community as well!!  Let me just say I was VERY proud of my husband :) 

Have a great weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

My husband was a volunteer fireman a few years ago. He loved it! Now with his career in the Army he is so busy he doesn't have extra time for it. We really appreciate the sacrifices community helpers like firefighters and policeman make...

I used to teach preschool before I stayed home. I loved it! I think it is awesome that you have passion for what you do. And God bless you because we need good teachers who love our children!

Have a great weekend!!