Sunday, January 9, 2011

Almost 16 weeks and a snow filled Sunday!!

I will be 16 weeks on Tuesday and we are going to the doctor tomorrow to possibly find out the gender.  We are lucky that our doctor does a sonogram every time and I'm hoping he will take a peek and give us his guess like he did last time with Briley before our 20 weeks sonogram with the tech...and of course he was right when he said girl!!  Both Daniel and I do not have a feeling either way what we think it is...but I think we have decided on names which I will reveal once we know the gender :)

Daniel and I are curious what you think we are having so cast your vote below:

Are we having a boy or a girl?

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We got a little bit of snow today and in Texas, the first snow day is a BIG deal.  I had to get Briley out for a quick picture.  She thought it was "snow" fun!! :)

Have a wonderful week!!

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Cara said...

I am also 16 weeks and had my dr appt this morning. She said we had to wait until out 20 week appt! I am dying to find out too! Hope you get to find out sooner than later! The wait is killing me!