Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pain and Peace

I have had a hard week...

I heard this song tonight and I'm feeling so much better. 

When my world is shaking...
Heaven stands.
When my heart is breaking...
I never leave your hands.

No matter what pain I'm feeling here...Hadley feels none.
I can't describe to you how much peace that brings me.

In Christ's Love,


Tiffany & Tristan said...

That is one of my favorite songs, I listened to it last night and thought of you. Glad you heard it, it is so true. Love you.

The Anglin Family said...

Big BIG HUGS!!!! I am thinking about you and your sweet Hadley.

Natalie Ross said...

Thank you for this. I've had a really hard week too. This song is perfect. Thinking of you.