Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture update...

I'm sad it's almost been a week since I have blogged.  It is so hard to blog during the week.  School is absolutely exhausting and the energy I do have left I want to spend it with Briley and Daniel.  So tonight's post is a random update of things/pictures I don't want to forget!!

I posted on September 11th that we went to watch Daniel play the bagpipes at a 9/11 memorial service and he did awesome!!  I am so proud of how much he has learned since he started 2 years ago.  I hate to be super sappy but it is one of those things that I know our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be very proud of.  Here are a few pictures from the day and a video!!
(He starts playing around 2:27)
On Friday we celebrated my little brother's 25th birthday!!  He came in from Boston and we were so happy to have him home.  We hope he will be home for good by Christmas, though we are REALLY proud of how well he is doing out there all by himself.  I know at his age I wouldn't have moved to a new city all alone...I'm not brave enough!!  Here are a few cute pictures I snapped of the family at dinner...
My youngest brother John had homecoming that night and even though the game was rained out and he couldn't kick because he is hurt right now...Briley still had to be his date for homecoming and support her Uncle John.  He said she was the prettiest girl there!!  ;)  She was done with pictures by this time but don't you love her little mum??
On Saturday, Briley and I went to a Mickey Mouse birthday party!!  My sweet friend Tiffany's little boy, Tristan was turning 3.  Briley had so much fun at the party and the decorations were so cute...
Of course we had to wear our Minnie Mouse shirt and match the theme!!

Well that catches us up on the past week and weekend...I have to end with this picture of our sweet girl.  Tonight she saw a group of kids having soccer practice and she asked to go over and play.  I told her no, that she was too little and she needed to be 3.  She then replied, "I'm four."  This little girl is going to give us a run for our money!!  She melts my heart!!
In Christ's Love,


Laura said...

Um...I might be a little obsessed with your daughter's shoes in the last picture. Too cute! I can't wait for little walking feet in flip-flops and sandals next summer!

Katie said...


hi! I bought the angel wings necklace from a local store called Mason's. Maybe they have a website or you could look on etsy?

Sweet pictures. ; )