Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The first week of school our wonderful PTA had an assortment of the most amazing dessert I have ever tasted.  Seriously.  It was amazing.  
They are called whoopie cookies and for someone that really isn't a dessert person I was super impressed.

For Labor Day weekend we were getting together with some friends for a barbecue and I decided to tackle the whoopie cookie.  Not only the whoopie cookie...but the RED VELVET whoopie cookie!!  

So here is my crack at it!!

First...you get all your ingredients together.
 Then...you do a bunch of mixing.
You add some eggs...and then some red food coloring of course!
More mixing again...
Don't forget the whipping cream!!
Then you scoop them onto the parchment paper and place them in the warm 350 degree oven!!
While they are cooling you make the yummy cream cheese filling...
Last, you get a little worried because the cookies are looking a little sad and deformed, but then you place the cream cheese filling inside and VOILA!!!  The RED VELVET WHOOPIE COOKIE!!!!
Place them in a air tight container and off they go to your party destination!!
The best part of this recipe...seeing these sweet girls enjoy their whoopies and ice cream!!

Everyone at the barbecue did enjoy them and said they were very yummy!!  Daniel was very impressed when he found out they were homemade...he figured I had just used red velvet cake mix!!  The thought had crossed my mind but I decided being a first time whoopie cookie maker I needed to go all out!!

I looked online and found the simplest recipe I could find :)  You can go to it here.

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Angie said...

those look sooooo good. yum!