Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I never posted about my birthday (on 1-25) and I want to make sure and remember what a great 29th birthday it was!!

So on my birthday I...

Received pretty flowers at work from my hubby and my brother!!

Had a lunch date with the two most important people in my life :)

Had a special birthday cake made by the sweetest little girl I know!!

This handsome guy bought me my first pair of "real" cowgirl boots!! (pictured below)
 Aren't they cute??
We also had a yummy dinner and enjoyed my birthday cake when we came home.

I had a wonderful birthday.  It was hard to say goodbye to 28.  That number is so special to me and it's not a coincidence that I was 28 when Hadley was born, that she was born on the 28th, that her due date was June 28th...I could go on and on.  28 was a year of my life that I will absolutely never forget.  I was blessed last year and I know God has many blessings in store for my 29th year :)  Can't wait to see what they are!!
 How can I not be thankful when this is who I get to share my birthdays with?!?


The Anglin Family said...

Im praying that your 29th brings you lots of joy..my 28th was rough and my 29th was alot better;-) Now I am about to be 30! Old, ha!
Hadley's marker is beautiful. I love it. You are in my prayers, sweetie. I will be thinking of you very much in the days to come. I think alot about the moms whose lives who have touched me because of a common thread..and you are certainly one of them!! Hugs!!

Angie said...

I have been thinking of you so much and will keep thinking of you and praying for you! I love your boots...they are so so cute!

Amy von Oven said...

Happy Birthday. I am praying that God blesses you with any amazing 29th year. The boots are SO cute. I want a pair! :)