Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cooking with Mommy!

The night before I went back to school Briley and I had fun baking brownies after dinner.  She was so cute wanting to do ALL of the work and her favorite part was dumping the ingredients in the bowl.  My little baker is so cute!!  Pardon my no makeup...I was really enjoying my last day :)

She actually was in bed before they were ready and cooled off but we had some the next day!!  I love these special memories with my sweet girl!!

In Christ's Love,


Angie said...

I love baking with the kiddos. Those are the cutest pictures ever. You ladies are beautiful!!!

I am so happy I finally got to hug your neck yesterday! It was great to see you :)

I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

Laura said...

I baked brownies on Sunday night before school too! And the whole time I was thinking about how much fun stuff like that will be in a few years when Natalie is bigger...but I'm not sure if I'll let her lick the spatula - that's MY favorite part! Ha! Hope you had a good first week back!