Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little weekend update

Not a long post about our weekend because I was sick Friday and most of Saturday from the yucky sore throat/cold going around. B had it first, passed it to me, and now Daniel is getting it.  Luckily with medicine around the clock we can all breathe better!!

I managed to get up enough energy to go see my baby brother go to his senior prom last night!!  Briley loved seeing Landry (my brother's girlfriend) in her "princess dress".  Of course Miss B had to take a few pictures with them!!
My Mom and her baby!!

 Uncle John with his two dates!!

Pretty couple!!

This morning we did something we have been praying about for A LONG time and tried a new church in our area.  We have been driving to our home church (where we got married, both our families go, pastor who did our wedding, Daniel's Mom and Hadley's funeral, etc.) ever since we moved out here.   Both Daniel and I have contemplated moving and trying different churches but let's be one likes change right?!?  Well God has been waving this particular church in our face all year and we finally listened and went today :)  God isn't an "I told you so kind of God" but if he was I think he might have said "I told ya so!!" to Daniel and I today :) We enjoyed it very much and we were lucky to have such a warm welcome by a sweet family, The Forgey's.  I teach their daughter Ryan this year and they also have a little boy, Matthew, who is close to Briley's age.  They are a precious family.  Going to ACF today just reiterated to me how awesome God's timing is.  I can't say today if this could be our new church home but we sure felt something special while we were there.  All we can do now is give it to God and pray...

Here is Matthew, Briley and Ryan enjoying their yummy dessert after our lunch...

29 more school days until summer...I think I can, I think I can ;)
Have a blessed week!!

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Ashley said...

YES, you can =) Can't believe John is old enough for prom!! That doesn't "date" us, does it?! Haha, love to all, friend!