Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pre-Easter Fun

We started our Easter festivities early with an Easter Egg Hunt at my school last Thursday.  I love taking Briley to this each year and I love seeing all of my co-workers sweet kiddos.  It is nice to be with the teachers I work with and our OWN kids ;) 
Saturday we went to our church's Easter egg hunt.  You could bring your bike, scooter, skateboard, etc. and go through the obstacle course, car wash, and watch professional motorcycle stuntman.  It was SO hot (already) so we only stayed for about an hour but it was definitely enough time for B to get MORE eggs :)
 Ready to find her eggs!
 There was SO many people there and this was just the preschool kids!!
 Briley and her Gigi
Daniel and his Dad watching the motorcycle stuntman
 My best friend Sarah and I :)
 Sarah's daughter Presleigh and Briley ;) Briley was born 9 months after her.  I think I got baby fever at the hospital when Presleigh was born ;)
 Going through the car wash with Gigi
We ended our Saturday night with a visit to see the Easter bunny.  We don't harp on the Easter bunny too much but Briley is young and we want her to enjoy things like this as long as she can.  She knows as best as a 2.5 year old can about what Jesus did for us.  I'm so proud of her because daily she will tell me that God protects her and loves her.  Yes HE does sweet girl!!
 She had a whole conversation with him and didn't want to leave :)

Next post...Easter Sunday!!

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