Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We had bad storms in Texas today...

 This is in the city where Daniel works and THANKFULLY he is ok.  I was at school when it hit and THANKFULLY I didn't realize how bad it was out by him otherwise I would have been a mess.  I pretty much turned into a mess the rest of the day once I talked to him and saw tons of pictures like the one above.  While I was watching the news I did spot someone that looked familiar...
Yep, that's my husband!!  I am very proud of my fireman tonight :)

Tonight I am...
THANKFUL Daniel and Briley are safe.
THANKFUL my family/friends are safe.
THANKFUL my home is safe.
THANKFUL no one has lost their life from these storms today.

THANKFUL that He has, did, and always will calm the storms in our lives.

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The Coleman Crew said...

And all the while you're getting text from me about wedding shower invitations. Ha! Glad Daniel is safe!!