Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bye Bye Ba

Ba is Briley's pacifier.  She came up with the term somewhere around 8 months and of course it stuck.  So is my daughter 3 and still has her "Ba"?  Yes, but only at nap and bedtime.  We have been talking about getting rid of "Ba" for awhile now but honestly it was ME that wasn't making the move.  Briley has done everything early; crawling, walking, talking, potty trained in 3 days, etc. so I felt like it was my last baby thing I could hold onto with her.  We have talked about sending the "Ba" to Hadley in Heaven tied to a balloon and that was the plan until Monday...
She woke up, walked in the living room and this is what happened...

Briley: "Mommy, I'm not a baby I don't need my Ba anymore.  I'm going to put it in the trash!"

Me: (shocked face) "Ok, go put it in the trash."

Briley: "Yea!!!!!!!!"

Here is the proof...

She was so excited to officially be a big girl so we celebrated with a cookie for breakfast ;)

It has been 2 days and she has asked for it a couple times and I simply say, "You threw it in the trash, remember?"  We have also talked about how when she feels sad about "ba" we can hug our blankie real tight and that will make us feel better, that seems to be working for now :)

So this Momma is happy and sad.  I am proud of her for making the decision on her own and not having to force her.  But man will I miss this sweetness...
(yep...even made it in one of her newborn pictures!!)
(Morning of her 3rd Birthday)
"Bye Bye Ba it's been nice but now I'm taking good advice!!"
 So proud of our officially big girl!!

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