Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a fun and busy weekend we had!!  It was so awesome to spend time with family and friends...and even though we did a lot of running around, I really enjoyed my weekend with Daniel and Briley.  On Saturday, I got our little one up bright and early to get her 9 month pictures taken.  I have had pictures taken of her every 3 months (whether it be professional or just a studio) and I was not going to let 9 months pass us by!!  Daniel was leaving the fire station and meeting us there, so Briley and I headed to Portrait Innovations for our 8:30 a.m. appointment.  I know I sound a little crazy for getting a 9 month old out this early for pictures, but it was PERFECT.  We were the 2nd appt. there and we got in and out in about an hour.  That is my plan for the next time we have pictures with them...get there bright and early!!  Here are a few of my favorites...

After our pictures, we came home and had lunch and a much needed nap and then headed to our church's Easter Egg Hunt/Carnival.  It was such a blast!!  My family and Daniel's family came to see Briley find her Easter was SO neat to see her do big girl things, but it was also a little sad because I can't believe our little girl is going to be one soon!!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from Saturday.

Riding my first pony!!

Briley and her Gigi
More Easter Egg hunting!!

Presleigh and Briley (My best friend Sarah's little girl)

Petting the Easter Bunny :)

Playing in the jump house

Playing with Uncle John
Her first balloon flower from a clown

Easter morning, Briley headed straight to her basket and was very curious of what was inside...

I picked him up to put it on the floor for her and this is the response I got...
She thought I was taking it away from her and was VERY sad!!  Before we headed off to church we had to get a  picture of the three of us...

Playing with Papa before church starts

My Gigi was so happy I was in church with her!!  I love how she is looking at you sweet :)

All the Bufe's Easter morning

After church we headed to Daniel's Nanny's for yummy Easter lunch and more Egg hunting...Briley is definitely a pro at this by now!!

Love those chubby cheeks and legs!!

Going down the slide...with Daddy's help!!

After getting full at Nanny's what did we do after that?  Well head to my Mom's of course to eat some more yummy food!! 

Briley getting her Easter present from Gigi

Gigi and Uncle John "hid" the eggs for Briley...hahaha
I love taking pictures like this...I know Briley will treasure this years from now.  She is so loved by these two women...and her Mom of course!!

I would say June-bug had a great Easter weekend!!

Looking at these pictures makes me realize how blessed we are.  I can't think of a better way to end this blog then to share a quick little story that happened to one of the kindergarten teachers that I work with.  She was walking around the room while her kids were working and she noticed two of her girls were talking quietly and not working.  One was whispering and the other was listening VERY intently.  She walked over there and was getting ready to get onto them when she heard this, "So then the people went inside the tomb and HE WAS GONE...he wasn't dead anymore, he was actually ALIVE!!".  The little girl's eyes got extremely big and she told the other little girl that she had never heard that story before. 

As sad as it makes me to hear that was the first time that little girl had heard that story, how AWESOME is it that she has now been given a glimpse into the amazing power of CHRIST!! 

Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter weekend!!

The Bufe's


The Cox Family said...

Briley is adorable and looks like she had such a great Easter with all of her family! And what an amazing story about the little Kindergarten girls. We can never underestimate the power of ministry in all of our daily lives!

TJ and Mel said...

Briley is beautiful!!! I am so happy for you. The story about the girls in the Kindergarten class brought tears to my eyes!