Sunday, April 11, 2010

Opening Day!!

On Monday we took Briley to her very first Ranger's Game.  What better game to be your first than Opening Day??  We started the morning off getting the 3 of us all decked out in our Texas Ranger gear :)

Thank you Aunt Linda for my cute Texas Ranger outfit!!  We also had to buy Briley her first set of Nike tennis shoes :)  Pink of course...what else is there??

I had to admit, I was a little stressed about packing everything for her that day in a VERY small bag...I had everything all ready in a backpack and on our way there I notice on the back of the ticket it says, NO BACKPACKS in bold.   I was about to freak out :) but luckily, we had a small diaper bag/backpack that I was able to stuff everything into.  I made the best of it and told myself I over-packed anyways...which I did!!  Here is Briley in her new stroller we got her just for the game...I have a feeling we will take a lot of zoo trips in the stroller this summer.  She looks SO big to me in this picture!!
We were invited to go to the game with Auntie Mariah and her friends, John and Whitney.  John was awesome enough to get our tickets in the ALL YOU CAN EAT section.  I was almost a little more excited about that than the game...I mean how can you beat all you can eat BALLPARK hot dogs and nachos??  Here is Briley and I cheering and dancing to the music at the opening of the game.  Have I mentioned that our daughter LOVES music??  Anytime she hears any kind of music (right now she is a fan of country) she starts moving her little legs and bouncing up and down.  This beyond thrills me...I can only hope she has as much rhythm as her Mom :) hehehehe...right Uncle Andrew???)
 The picture below is of the flag they brought out for the National was SO AMAZING.  When they were bringing it out they just kept coming and coming, Daniel and I couldn't believe how big it was!!
 Here are our matching Mom/Daughter Texas Ranger tattoos :) Thanks John for buying them!!
 Her Daddy definitely won't forget taking her to her 1st game!!  Below, is right after their 1st homerun of the season...Daniel just threw her up in the air and of course my little daredevil LOVED it!!  She also loved the fireworks they shot out too!!
 YEA...we won!!!!  Auntie Mariah said Briley has to go to a lot more games because she brought them good luck!!
We had so much fun going to our 1st Rangers game as a family of 3 :)  If it would have been left up to Daniel she would have gone last summer when she was just a month old!!  I think he is glad we waited to take her though...much more fun when she can enjoy it :)
She really did so good at the game.  It was very crowded and she basically had to sit in our laps for 4 hours going back and forth between Daniel and I.  She loved turning around and looking at the people behind us, luckily they didn't mind a 10 month old staring at them and they even complimented her on how well she did!!
We definitely wore her out!!  She only had about an hour nap and she was so great!!  We hopefully plan to try and go to opening day every year as a family :)

So, had to end today's blog with a video of Briley walking!!  She was just taking a few steps, 3-4 at the most.  Well now I would say we are getting 10-15 steps at a time!!!  She is growing up SO fast!! 

Have a blessed week!!

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The Whites said...

Wow!!! I can't believe how well she walks for a 10 month old! Ryder didn't start walking until about 14 months....PS how the heck do you keep your floors sooooo clean? LOL!!!!