Saturday, July 24, 2010

Austin or Bust!!

My best friend, Jamie has not lived by me for the past 3 years (her husband is in the military) and finally they are close to home and will be living in Austin for the next two years while John David is getting his masters at UT.  I was thrilled to find out they would be living so close and so with the arrival of her 2nd little boy Eli on the 14th of this month, we decided this would be a perfect time to get away and see some great friends!!  This was Briley's 1st long car ride but I had packed enough distractions and food for an army so we were good to go :)
We made it all the way to Round Rock without having to stop (with a little help from Blue's Clues) and Daniel and I were both craving what we can ALWAYS agree on when we go out to eat...
 Isn't Chipotle the best??  Briley is particularly fond of the cheese quesadilla, guacamole, and rice :)  Here is she having fun with her Daddy at lunch...we were so proud of how well she did in the car!!
We made it to John David and Jamie's house and I couldn't wait to get my hands on sweet Elijah James.  He is the cutest little guy and you would never have even guessed Jamie just had a baby less than a week ago!!  
After we spent some time with the Cunningham's and had a great dinner at Red Robin...Daniel, Briley, and I decided to head downtown to wait for the bats to come out from under the famous bridge.  Sadly, the never did come out but we still had fun taking pictures and just enjoying our time together!!

We always have to find a fire station (bottom) and take a picture of it!! I'm pretty used to it by now and I actually find myself looking for a sign like this...

Pretty picture of the capitol at night!!
It was our first time to stay in a hotel with Briley and man did she have fun jumping on the bed...I think she had reached delirium at this point!!
The next morning we decided to get up and head to the capitol to take some pictures and visit the firefighter statue.  It was SOOOO hot so we didn't stay long, but we managed to get some great pictures!!
We found the firefighter statue and took some great pictures of it.  I didn't know this until we got there but Robert Wayne's (Daniel's Dad's cousin) name is on it.  He worked as a fireman and past away while he was on duty.   How amazing is it that his name is on this statue at our state capitol??  What a legacy he has left for the Bufe family...

After getting a quick bite to eat at a hamburger joint called "Mighty Fine Burgers" (very similar to Kincaid's) we headed over to the Cunningham house for one last visit before we headed home.  Briley loved being near Eli and wanted to give him was so sweet!!  She will be a great big sister one day!!
We had such a great time visiting with the Cunningham crew and I am so grateful for Jamie's friendship...her and I were both pregnant at the same time with Caleb and Briley and there was a lot of phone calls back and forth asking many pregnancy questions!!  She is such a wonderful friend and I am so happy for her sweet family. 
We can't wait to go and see them again!!

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