Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Fun!!

We have had so much fun this summer running around and being busy :)  Yes, it has made my summer FLY by but I am still so grateful for the time I have had with Daniel and Briley and I still have about 3 weeks left :)  Here is some of the fun we have been up to the past couple weeks!!

On our way to Briley's best friends 1st Birthday Party.  The theme was "Night Owl" so all the kids were asked to come dressed in their PJ's :)  So cute!!  Briley is ready to go in her PJ's and of course has a hold of her baby that she rarely lets out of her sight.  The picture below her is Elliott's present...Daniel made the crib for Elliott to put all her babies in.  This picture does not do it even has an E at the top of it!!  We filled it with some fun books, a picture frame, and a cute shirt with E's name on it.  Our best friend is very special to us so we had to make her present special too :)
Some of the fun we had at the party :)  Briley loved being outside and playing with all her friends...especially her sweet friend Tristan!! I wish I had more pictures of the decorations it was beautiful!!  They had a make your own pizza and make your own sundae bar and it was so yummy!!  Daniel and I said the next time we have our firemen friends over for dinner we are going to do a pizza bar because it was so easy and really good!!

After we got home that night, Briley was pretty wired from all the sugar so we let her work some of it off by playing outside after the sun went down.  I love these pictures :)

Hope your summer is treating you well too!!

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Burchfield said...

YOu look tiny! I love your pics, so glad you are keeping up with the blog. WE need to get the babies together. Angela Lippens and I keep trying to plan something but it never works out. We should all hang.