Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Date 2 of 12- The Dallas Aquarium

For our June date this month I had planned for us to tour Cowboys Stadium, but since Daniel picked the same date and it came first I had to think of another date.  I have been wanting to go to the Dallas Aquarium for awhile now so I thought that might be a fun date and we never really get to go into Dallas anymore.  I was a little worried that we would be sad we didn't bring Briley with us but once we got there I realized that next summer she will enjoy it a lot more being a year older...so it will definitely be on our plans to take her next year!!  One thing I realized a couple days before is that it is VERY expensive to get in.  If you have kiddos that are still 2 and under than make sure you go before they turn 3 and it costs $12.95 to get them in!!  However, even with the expensive price tag it was still worth it!!

Everything was SO pretty and very well taken care of.  It was so neat to have birds flying around you as you walked through, I really felt like I was in the jungle!!  The aquarium is 3 levels and you start at the very top and work your way down...this waterfall is the 1st thing you see when you walk in!!

The top picture is a sloth that just hangs in a tree that you can walk right up to and the bottom picture is me feeding some kind of toucan...very cool!!
It is very hard to see in these pictures...and this is when our camera died and we had to take pictures with our phone :( but this momma monkey is carrying her tiny sweet little baby on her back.  It was the cutest thing ever and I made Daniel stand there for about 10 min just so we could watch the Mommy and her baby!!

 All of the exhibits were so neat!!

The underwater tank was amazing!!  We sat in there for awhile and just watched sharks, sting rays, and all kinds of fish just swim right by our heads!!


We ended the date looking at the amazing manatees and cute little penguins!!  I loved this date and I had so much fun spending time with Daniel.  Who knew dating your husband again could be so much fun ;)  


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