Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoo Day!!

We had a busy Monday!!  

In the morning, we got up early to get ready to go to the Zoo with some great friends.  But, before we left Briley and I decided to plant her "gardem" as she calls it.  Daniel and I had bought this little flower/garden kit at Walmart the other night and I was excited to do this with her.
(Side note- please ignore our table...I'm in the process of redoing the pictures because we took a bunch out to bring to the hospital with us.)
So, Briley loves anything "pincess" and couldn't wait to get her hands on those stickers!!
Cheese Mommy....when can I put on the stickers??
I hope that it works and we can get some pretty flowers to plant in Hadley's Garden from it!!

After working on our garden, we headed to the Zoo!!  I am taking a full 6 weeks off from work to heal (in more ways than one) and spend much needed time with my family.  I miss my kindergarten kids so much but I know God is giving me this time to enjoy and I know I will miss it once I get back to the craziness of school.

Here are a few ALOT of pictures from our fun at the Zoo...
 Elliott and Briley (Best Friends Since Birth)
Even Best Friends have their moments!!  Ha!
 Waving at the Kangaroos!!
 She LOVED the penguins!!
Now onto the cutest pictures ever...seriously there are way too many of the same picture but I couldn't resist!!!

They loved being "big girls" and getting to hold hands and walk at the Zoo!!

Briley is getting so big.  She was so frustrated at me that I wouldn't let her walk most of the way while we were at the Zoo.  She is still learning how to walk with Mommy and hold my hand but I tried to let her have as much freedom as I could.  She is so independent, just like I was growing up and I love that about her.  She is going to give her kindergarten teacher a run for her money!!  But by golly she will know all her letters, sounds, how to write her name, etc. (haha coming from a kindergarten teacher/mommy).

I had such a great time at the zoo walking around with my best friend Tracy just talking, laughing, and watching our girls have a blast.  Luckily, Tracy's sister snapped this cute picture of us and Tracy jazzed it up and I have to share it...
Thank you God for great friends!!
 In Christ's Love,

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Heather said...

How fun! Those pictures are adorable! Love it!