Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Firefighter Family Christmas Dinner!!

Tuesday evening, Briley and I headed to the fire station to have dinner with Daniel and our firefighter family.  We are so lucky to have gained such an amazing group of friends through Daniel's job.  It really is a second family for us and we love getting together and all of the kiddos have a blast!!

 Braleigh and Briley doing what their Daddies do best at work...hehehe!!

 Kinsley, Briley, and Braleigh

 All the firemen's daughters!!  :)

I love these shots of us while my hubby was getting the camera ready...too funny!!

Yea!!  Such a good one!!

 Who doesn't love pizza and cookies for Christmas dinner at the fire station??

Time to play in the bay!!
LOVE this :)
Pretending to spray Mommy!

  What a great crew and even better husbands/daddies!!

 Time for a ride in the fire truck!!
 Turning on the sirens was not a good idea!!  Poor things!!
 Briley loved it!!
 The Jackson family!!  Love them!!

All the kiddos!!  10 kids under the age of 5!! 

Such a fun night.  God has truly blessed Daniel and I with wonderful jobs and amazing friends!!

Only 4 days until Christmas!!

In Christ's Love,

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