Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas filled weekend!!

We had a wonderful weekend...

On Friday, Daniel, Briley, and I enjoyed a quiet night together :)  We went to Home Depot to buy some drawer knobs for a desk Daniel is building for our bedroom and then ate at Pizza was a really low-key night after a long week and as boring as it sounds I loved it.  When we got home Briley asked to have a "sleepover" and so her and I made a pallet on the floor with about 10 blankets.  Daniel thought we were crazy and I so wish I would have snapped a picture of Briley's beaming face!!  Around midnight, I woke up with a horrible pain in my back and soon realized that I am officially old and can't sleep on the floor anymore.  However, we still had fun having a girl sleepover in the living room...until about 12:15 a.m.  Ha!

On Saturday, we headed to watch Daniel perform in a Christmas parade for the city he works for.  He learned to play Hark the Herald Angels Sing on his bag pipes a few weeks ago and is already playing it so well.  We are so proud of him!!  Here are some fun pictures from the night...

Today, I completed a Christmas pinterest project :)  I have been wanting to display our Christmas cards but I didn't want to spend a lot of time making something.  So, I found the Christmas card blessing ring idea and I loved it.  All you need is a necklace hook from Hobby Lobby, ribbon, hole punch, and your Christmas cards.  I love how it turned out...
I have looped all the cards we have received so far on it and I also have every Christmas card Daniel and I have sent out on it.  I like the idea of keeping our families cards on there each year and then adding our family and friends new ones.  I also love how it looks on the tree.

I also spruced up our tree a bit and added red tulle around it.  Daniel loves a plain tree with just ornaments but he actually really liked this and so do I.  What's great is I had the tulle money spent!!

This afternoon, Briley and I headed over to my Mom and Dad's to let Briley spend sometime over there and so we could both see my grandmother, Mega, who had been out of town over Thanksgiving.  We missed her a lot!!  While we were there we did the perfect activity for a Sunday in December...decorating a gingerbread house!!  
 I love that cheesy grin!!
 4 generations of women decorating a gingerbread house :)
 Definitely not the prettiest house ever made but B had fun and that is what counts.  You might be wondering what that weird red shape fondant is.  A snake of course.  Yep, our Gingerbread house wouldn't be complete without a snake on the roof.  My daughter cracks me up.
I love Christmastime!!

Only 5 more days until Christmas break and more wonderful Christmas memories ahead!!

In Christ's Love,

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