Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve/Day Part 1

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was so much fun because of our sweet Briley Ann.  **Be prepared for the longest post of pictures ever- and this is only part 1!

Christmas Eve night, before B went to bed, we sprinkled our reindeer food on the lawn and got Santa's cookies and Dr. Pepper (yep that's what he drinks in our house) ready.

Fast forward a couple hours and here is what Santa left for Briley Ann at our house...
We had to wake her up since Daniel's dad and sister were coming in a few hours and she wasn't too happy at first...
 This was her face when she realized Santa had come...I love it!!
 All she has asked Santa for is "2 blue m&m's"...he did not disappoint!!
Getting her first pair of James Avery earrings from Mommy and Daddy...they are angels :)
 Presents from Santa, Mommy and Daddy
 Testing out her new jeep!!
 My sweet hubby got me a pair of Miss Me jeans that I have been wanting for SO long and Miss B and I had to show off our booties ;)  Did you notice the iPad to the left of us?!?!  Santa was very good to me :)
 Checking to see if Santa ate her cookies and drank the DP...he did of course!!

A little bit later Papa and Auntie arrived and it was time to make Jesus a birthday cake!!  Mariah (Auntie) has always done this with Tammie and now she is carrying on the tradition with Briley.  This will be a tradition that we keep forever!!
Isn't it beautiful?? :)
Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and Briley "blew" out his candles at the end.

After a yummy breakfast/brunch... was present time with Papa and Auntie!!
Isn't this the cutest table ever?  Briley's Papa built it for her playroom and she absolutely LOVES it.  We are so lucky to have such handymen in the family :)
She also got an easel from her Auntie!!
 Not to mention cute outfits, a new baby doll, dress up clothes, and more earrings.  Papa and Auntie sure know how to spoil a good way of course!!

Papa, Mommy, Auntie, and Daddy's turn to open gifts...
 B got Papa pistachios...their favorite!!
 The next few pictures are VERY embarrassing but too funny not to post.  I was a little surprised by my gift :)
I was not expecting a new iPhone from Daniel's dad and sister!!  So thoughtful of them!!
Beautiful canvas Mariah made for all of us with Tammie favorite verse on it.
 Auntie's favorite calendar!!
 Her magnetic makeup board...a pinterest idea I got from here.
Her Texas Ranger Toms where we also got the idea from pinterest but my best friend Tracy painted them :)

 Daniel's turn :)
Part 2 will be visiting Hadley and Nonnie and my family coming over Christmas evening :)
Picture overload but so worth the posts!!

In Christ's Love,

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