Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is the first 28th in a year that we haven't been to the cemetery to release balloons for Hadley.  We decided last March that we would make sure and release them on the 28th for 1 year and it has been an amazing memory that Daniel, Briley, and I will share forever.  Click here to see all of them in one post!!  We aren't going to set a date that we HAVE to release balloons for her next.  Daniel and I decided that any 28th or ANY day for that matter we can release balloons.  I thought today would be harder with not going but it wasn't.  Hadley knows I love her and I think about her constant.  Her and Briley are never far from my mind...I'm a mommy and it comes with the territory :)

I know I'm never far from God's mind...or his heart...or his love.

Room update--Daniel is ALMOST done with the bed.  Just a few more coats of varnish left.  We are finishing the chair rail and painting this weekend.  Can't wait and I will of course make sure to do a before/after post of the room!!
Happy Wednesday/Almost Thursday!!

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