Monday, March 19, 2012

Daniel's Birthday!!

My hubby is 29!!  Thank goodness...I don't really care for the 7 weeks between our birthdays when I am older and we aren't the same age ;)

Briley and I started off his birthday by baking him his favorite cake the night before.  I found this red velvet cake recipe here and it was pretty easy to follow.  Definitely does not look like the picture but I tried :)
B and I got up super early so we could be awake when Daniel got home from the fire station to surprise him with his cake and gifts.  His birthday is also St. Patrick's Day so we had to coordinate of course!!
 Man I LOVE these two!
We bought Daniel a grill cover for the grill we bought back in December and the pretty Texas flag to go over our mantle.  He LOVED it!!

Later that afternoon, we headed to see Hadley and Nonnie before his birthday dinner.

After visiting our sweet angels, we met Daniel's dad and sister at Cooper's BBQ...we have eaten here the last 3 years for Daniel's birthday.  It has become a new tradition that I hope we continue each year.  It is YUMMY and I'm not really a barbecue person.
We ended the night with cake and singing of course!!

 On his birthday post last year I did a comparison so of course I have to do one this year!!  I love looking at how much B has changed. 
I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful, handsome, caring, loving, (I could go on and on) man who loves his family with his whole heart.  I love you so much Daniel and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

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