Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Balloon Found!

Someone found one of Hadley's balloons that we released at her 1st birthday celebration :)  Isn't that amazing??

I still plan to do a post of more pictures of her birthday but here is what we attached to each balloon...

Here is what they emailed me:

 Princeton is about 71 miles from where we released her balloons!!

I love that this sweet family took the time to email us back.

I love that they learned about our Hadley.

I love that God turned my ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

Sweet are changing lives everyday!!


Angie said...

This is wonderful! I have chill bumps all over my arms. I love this!

Laura said...

What a beautiful idea! I can't imagine how excited you were to get that email!

Ashley said...

That is awesome that they found it and reached out to you!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness...I love this idea!

Elle's mommy said...

This put the biggest smile ever on my face! I think God and you just gave me an idea for our sweet Ellersley's AMAZING! Thank you so much for posting this and what a fabulous idea!


LauraJane said...

I love this! :) Amazing it made it so far- and even more so that the family took the time to write. :)