Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Randoms

This week has been so wonderful!! I have so enjoyed this time at home with Daniel and was much needed!!  After our zoo adventure on Monday, we have spent the week...

Giving ourselves pedicures

 Doing crafts and playing dress up

Sending Daddy silly pictures
Working on our new bed...well Daniel has been working on it!! 

Side note...for our five year anniversary next month, Daniel and I decided to redo our bedroom as our gift to each other.  We knew that we wanted a new bed, new furniture, new mattress, paint on the walls, chair rail, etc.  So we have bought the mattresses, Daniel is almost done with the bed (just needs to varnish it), then we can finish chair rail, paint, and Daniel can start building our furniture to match the bed.  I also want a new bedspread, curtains, wall decor, etc.  It's crazy how much time, work, money goes into redecorating ONE room.  It will be worth it though!!  Here is the color pallet I'm going for in the room and here is the inspiration we had for the bed.
I will keep you updated on our room progress.  We are hoping to have the bed finished and the room painted by the end of the month.  Then Daniel can start building the nightstands and dresser.  Yes it would be a lot easier to go buy a bedroom set, but Daniel enjoys building it and I love that he built all of Briley's furniture and now ours.  When we move later on he says he would like to build all the furniture for our house...we will see ;)  Isn't he talented though?  I think the bed looks so much like the picture!!  He literally is my very own Handyman!!

While Daniel has been busy with the bed I have been organizing/cleaning.  Here was one of my projects.  Underneath my bathroom sink.  I know you might think this would be the before picture but it's the after.  We don't have a lot of storage and I wish I had taken a picture before...this looks 100 times better!!  I still want to "pinterest" it up a bit with new baskets and labels but it will do for now.
I have also been working on some friends blogs...I LOVE designing headers!!
 You may have noticed my new button on the side of my posts.   I have decided to see if this is something I can pursue.  Of course it's just in the beginning stages so I'm starting slowly by designing blogs for people I know and hopefully it will grow into something more.  Their blog designs aren't completely finished but you can check out their headers here --->Sarah, Ashley.  Plus you should follow them because they are amazing!!  I also worked on a fellow teacher's photography can see that here.  If you don't mind saying a prayer for me about this new venture I would appreciate it!!
I have also been busy researching ideas for a fabulous Minnie Mouse 3rd birthday that will take place in June for a certain little girl!!  She has enjoyed "pinning" with me all week and looking at all things Minnie.  Isn't this outfit adorable??

This morning we went and visited Briley's wonderful babysitter, Kristin, and got to meet sweet baby Daisy!!  Briley LOVED holding her.
 That is Daisy's big sister, Annabelle, and Briley's BFF!!  We are so lucky to have such an amazing place for our sweet girl to go to when I am teaching. 
Our sweet Briley is already a big sister in her heart but I can't wait for the day she will get to be a big sister here on earth!!  She will be so good at it.

Wow...our spring break seems like it was exhausting but it really wasn't.  Now I'm just waiting for Briley to wake up from her nap so we can start working on our surprises for Daniel's birthday tomorrow!!

Happy Friday!!


The Coleman Crew said...

Okay, I call dibs on you making my next blog design! :)

Laura said...

I'm in. I would love for you to design me a blog header thingy - I tried to update the blog the other day but I just got too frustrated and quit.

Ashley said...

LOVE my blog, friend! Posted today - you'll have to check it out =) Oh, I think Daniel should go into business making furniture-it looks amazing!!

Angie said...

Pedicures are the best! I love that bed...your man is super duper talented!

Your eye for design is amazing! I am so excited for you. How fun to design blogs!