Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break Day 1=Zoo Day!!

We decided to spend our first day of spring break with all the crazy people that go to the zoo during their busiest time of the year :)  We met our good friends, the Jackson's, super early, so we could hopefully beat some of the crowd.  It worked out perfect and we saw all the "main" animals everyone wants to see early on and left after lunchtime when the big crowds had arrived.  We love hanging out with the Jackson's!!  Beau, works with Daniel at the fire department, Amanda is also a teacher, and Braleigh is a few months younger than Briley and they are expecting a sweet baby in late September!! 
Here is a collage of pictures from our day!!  PICTURE OVERLOAD of course :)
It is VERY hard to get two SASSY girls to smile at the same time ;)
Beautiful and fun start to our much needed spring break!!

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