Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 {Treasured Item}
This is Hadley's ornament from our 1st Walk to Remember with MEND last year.  
It sits in our kitchen and I love looking at it everyday. I think it is the prettiest ornament and we will get another one this Saturday at our 2nd walk to attend.  We will be given two ornaments this year :( It's hard being moved from the one loss category to two losses.  Though they were very different losses the same pain is still there.  A loss is a loss is a loss.  Doesn't matter how if you lost the baby at 6 weeks pregnant or if the baby was 6 weeks old...that is one of the reasons I am so thankful for MEND.  All losses are treated the same.  It was a life that God created and Hadley and Baby Bufe MATTERED to this world.  I'm looking forward to celebrating both my babies this Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Where can you buy one of those angels?? It is beautiful! I'd love to get one for my little angel. Thanks