Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 1 & Day 2

October is a challenging month for me.  It is the month I found out I was pregnant with Briley and Hadley, it is the month of the MEND Walk to Remember, it is the month that starts the holiday season which makes me think of all the things I should be doing with two little girls, it is the month that I should be going into my 3rd trimester with our 3rd baby, and to top it off October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.  
I told you it was a difficult month...so to help get through this month I've decided to participate in the CarlyMarie "Capture your grief" challenge.  Here are the days and pictures I will take:
So since I am already behind...here is Day 1 and Day 2!!!
Day 1 {Sunrise}
I didn't start yesterday like I should have so I just found one on the internet that spoke to me...
Something about this picture calms me so I picked this one.
Day 2 {Before Loss Self Portrait}
This picture is wonderful yet heart wrenching to look at.  I was 16.5 weeks and on my way to a friends baby shower and Daniel took a few pictures of me because my belly had just started to pop.  I'm not the same Melissa that is in this picture but I'm learning how to be the Melissa I am now...the Melissa that God wants me to be. 

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